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Sharky's Shop is committed to providing quality Shark Teeth products to all of our customers.  If you need a special item not listed, Please email Please click on the links below to view the product pages.  We will continue to add new products and better our existing products. We hope you will find something you like...


Happy Shark Tooth Hunting!!!

Quick Picks

50 Bone Valley Silver Wrap page.
50 Bone Valley Gold Wrap page.
100 Bone Valley Silver Wrap page.
100 Bone Valley Gold Wrap page.
 Florida Bone Valley Teeth Our best and most beautiful mix of teeth. We have a large selection of Jewelry grade wire wrapped teeth...
10k wrap 1/4" to 1" jewelry quality tooth wrapped in 10k gold filled wire, Sterling and Fine Silver...

Megladons,Makos & Great Whites  The really big teeth.  We have a great selection.  Click on  shark and  find out...


Modern Day Shark Teeth   Beautiful teeth from the Indio-Pacific oceans.

Peruvian Shark Teeth Beautiful Shark Teeth from Peru, South America.  Here are some of the best looking teeth in the world.


Moroccan Shark Teeth Beautiful Shark Teeth from Morocco. We offer a large selection that will fit your budget.


Color Bead Wire Shark Teeth Color wire wraps!!! Check it out...


Scrap Teeth/Fossils Sharky's Shop offers several types of scrap. Click on the link to go to the scrap page.


Other Teeth Sharky's Shop offers other types of teeth and marine fossils too. Click on the link to find out.



Gel Candles   Beautiful Gel Candles with fossils, shells and teeth...



Souvenir and Gift Center  Beautiful and unique gifts and souvenirs with a Shark Theme...



Fossil Shark Tooth Necklace Kit  Our Latest creation from the minds here at Sharky's Shop. A Fossil Shark Tooth Necklace Kit. Check it Out!!!



Bulk Fossil Shark Teeth Sharky's Shop offers the best bulk teeth anywhere on the web. click on the link to view some of our bulk teeth products.



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