Web Changes:

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you have visited with us before and want to know what has changed, take a look here first.

New for 2003:
1. We have added Sharky's Paleo World.  You can find some very cool mammoth and mastodon teeth in these pages.
2. We have added the Jewelry Center. Here you can find fine Gold and Silver products. Take a look...
3. We have added the Souvenir/Gift Center. Check it out...
New for 2004:
1. We have added a Feedback page.
2. We have added a Table of Contents page.
        3. We have added a new search page.
New for 2005:
1. Sharkys Shop welcomes Tia for banner design in the graphics department.
        2. We added a Fossil shark Tooth necklace kit page.
New for 2006:
1. We are undergoing some new web button construction. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
New for 2007:
1. We have added some bubbles in the navigation bar. We like em... We have
added new winter designs in the Necklace Center.
New for 2008:
1. We are currently updating the collectors corner and adding new collections of teeth. Thanks everyone for being so patient with me! I have been slacking!!        
2. We are updating the Megs and Mako teeth and have some really cool new teeth.
3. We are adding a Modern Day tooth line to the necklace center.                      
4. We are adding new graphics to old pictures so take a look around.
New for 2009:
1. We are currently updating the page Graphics. We hope you like the new look.     
2. We have added a customer area where we post pics and special event stuff.
New for 2010:
1. Added new collections in collectors corner.
New for 2011:
1. Added Moroccan teeth to necklace kits. Kits are now available with moroccan teeth.
New for 2012:
1. Updated paypal buttons. Added graphics and sounds.
New for 2013:
1. Updated contact information.   
2. updated jewelry center.

Press Releases

These are the press releases we've issued over the last year. You may want to search for topics by keyword.

Recent Media Coverage of Sharky's Shop

bulletLife Bites Without Shark Teeth, Venice Herald-Tribune, May 7 2002
bulletSharky's Shop building necklaces with kids from around the world. May 5 2008

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