Collection #5


Collection name: Bone Valley Great Whites and Mako's

Here is a very nice collection of shark teeth from right here in Florida. The collection was created from all local dig sites right here in Central Florida (Bone Valley). The collection consists of Great Whites and Mako teeth, also I put in a couple of Hemipristis teeth that were found with the other teeth on the dig site. The lower center tooth is a 2-1/2" Bone Valley Great White. The other teeth are Mako's. Some teeth have colorful patterns and good colors. All teeth are graded 7 or higher on our grading system. See megs and mako's page for our grading system. Get a closer look. Click on the picture to enlarge it. Use your back button on your browser to get pack to this page.  There are 21 fossil shark teeth total in this collection. Collection is presented in standard glass display. 


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