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Welcome to Sharky's Shop Peruvian teeth page. Sharky's Shops offers some of the best Peruvian shark teeth in the world. Sorry, we are currently out of stock. Please check back with us. Lemons, Mako's, Bull's, Black Tip and Great White fossilized shark teeth. All of our jewelry grade teeth rank 8 or higher on our grading  system. Are Peru mix is just that, Lemons, Mako's, Duskies, Bulls, Black Tip and Great Whites. These are some of our favorite teeth. The colors range from light strawberry to dark blues and everything in between. All teeth are 1/2" to 3/4" in size. Give your necklace line a new look... Please specify wrap and wire type when ordering. Thanks for visiting are Peruvian shark tooth page.

Fossilized shark teeth from Peru...


Just a sample of our Peruvian fossilized shark teeth...


Gold Non-Tarnish Wrap


Peruvian Fossilized Shark Teeth Gold wrap...


Here is a sample of the Peruvian fossilized shark teeth we offer here at Sharky's Shop. As you can see, these teeth are beautiful. Teeth range in size from 1/2" to 3/4" in this mix. Purchase Online with PayPal...






25 Gold Wrap (Standard Twist)



50 Gold Wrap (Standard Twist)



100 Gold Wrap (Standard Twist)



500 Gold Wrap (Standard Twist)



1000 Gold Wrap (Standard Twist)



Silver Non-Tarnish Wrap


Peruvian Fossilized Shark Teeth Silver wrap...


We offer many wire types and wrap styles. Please visit our wire wrapping options page for more information.  Purchase online with PayPal...


Description SKU# Price: PayPal
25 Silver Wrap (Standard Twist) 25sprv-01 $12.50

50 Silver Wrap (Standard Twist) 50sprv-01 $25.00

100 Silver Wrap (Standard Twist) 100sprv-01 $50.00

500 Silver Wrap (Standard Twist) 500sprv-01 $250.00

1000 Silver Wrap (Standard Twist) 1000sprv-01 $500.00

We are adding new products everyday... Please stay tuned...

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